Why Collective

Why Collective
Starting Collective was something I never thought I would actually do.

I worked hard in college. I did extra internships and worked two jobs the whole four years. I volunteered in the community and actively worked in student organizations. My only dream back then was a job that paid more than minimum wage and didn’t make me work weekends.

I accepted my first full-time in-house design job two months before graduation. It felt so surreal to be paid to create things. Since then I’ve worked at agencies and as an in-house designer for several other businesses.

The novelty of my free weekends began to wear. So I found new goals. I’ve been lucky to wear many hats: designer, photographer, copywriter, marketing director, illustrator, pitch person and client. I loved it all.

Collective was born of that myriad. We work with people who are just as excited about the creative process as we are. We bring in insanely talented people to help when the project is right. We listen and learn as much from every client as we can. We never stop learning.

As Betty Draper says, “only boring people get bored.”

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